Marionete's Comprehensive Kafka Deployment Assessment Service


£30,000 - £40,000 (depending on complexity) 


Our Kafka Deployment Assessment is designed to deliver timely insights while minimising disruption to your operations.


The assessment typically spans a duration of 7 weeks, during which our experts thoroughly evaluate every aspect of your Kafka ecosystem. 


Upon completion of the assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report tailored to your Kafka deployment. This report with provide an in-depth analysis of the deployment's advantages, possibilities, potential risks, cost savings opportunities, and recommendations for future improvements.


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 Assessment Report


Our Kafka Deployment Assessment offers an exhaustive evaluation of your Kafka ecosystem. Each area of focus will culminate in actionable recommendations specifically tailored to your Kafka deployment:

  • Architecture and Design Review: A thorough analysis of architecture, accompanied by recommendations for enhanced performance and scalability. Expert guidance on potential architectural enhancements and migration strategies.
  • Deployment Strategy Evaluation: A detailed appraisal of deployment strategies, focusing on efficiency, high availability and disaster recovery. 
  • Operational Efficiency Analysis: An assessment of operational practices, including monitoring tools and methodologies.
  • State Management Assessment: A comprehensive evaluation of how cluster state is managed and applied, as well as how unauthorised changes can be detected. 
  • Documentation Review: Evaluate documentation quality and completeness for ease of maintenance and troubleshooting. 
  • FinOps Integration: Our unique approach integrates telemetry data streams to provide granular attributed costs and actionable insights across your infrastructure.

Finsight for Kafka Summary


Client Benefits:

Through this assessment clients gain:

  • Comprehensive Kafka Health Check: Receive a 360-degree view of your Kafka deployment, highlighting strengths and opportunities.
  • Strategic Recommendations: Obtain actionable insights for architecture enhancements, operational efficiency, and cost optimisation. 
  • Complete Solutions: Seamlessly assess, migrate, optimise and manage your infrastructure from start to finish.


Pricing and Customisation:

Assessment pricing is tailored to the scope and complexity of your Kafka deployment. We collaborate with you to create customised solutions that align with your business needs and budget. 


Why Choose Marionete?


Exhaustive Insights

Our assessment covers architecture, deployments, operations, state management, and more.


In-depth Expertise

Leverage our deep Kafka knowledge to identify optimisation opportunities and mitigate risks.


Custom Solutions

Recieve recommendations customised to your specifcic business goals.


Marionete's Comprehensive Kafka Deployment Assessment Service is your key to unlocking the full potential of your Kafka ecosystem. By combining our unparalleled Kafka expertise with a holistic evaluation, we empower you with actionable insights to drive architectural enhancements, operational efficiency, data integrity, and financial optimisation.


Choose Marionete as your strategic partner to eleveate your Kafka deployment to new heights of performance, resilience and cost-effectiveness. 


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